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A Series of initiatives are underway for a holistic sustainable lifestyle right in the lap of nature. We are about offering, a unique blend of various natural elements infused with our modern lifestyles to protect and preserve our land. Take a tour!

A Fruit Farm Collective

The Orchard

The Orchard is located in the lap of rocky hills placed in a peri urban area within the city limits.
The fruits are grown in an organic and natural ways. what we are giving back to nature is looking at the size of the project we are going to have about 10000 + plantations and rainwater harvest systems, water bodies, vegetation, improvising the ecology etc. And the investors get to cherish their seasonal produce. We are collaborating with a permaculture design company called ANANAS based out in Bangalore for curating this beautiful nature project.


The Retreat

Luxurious Eco getaway

An initiative trying to preserve nature. We use recycle systems for water, grow some of our own staples and veggies for our guests, waste management, renewable energy as a part of our low carbon footprint commitment and certainly not compromising on the Luxury facilitations for our visitors. Retreat is a space where celebration is the key element. Campsite, barbeque, hiking, sunsets, event spaces and amazing food. we want to give our customers a vacation experience close to home.

Boon from The Earth

A Farm to Fork initiative

Punarnava wants to be that space where all the good practices are implemented in the areas of food production and farming, we want to grow our farms using natural methods, which is a core essential for a healthy living. we want to counter with the current day harmful modern practices of farming where a variety of poisons are used to grow the food we are consuming. we would like to take up the responsibility to grow clean food and provide it to the people who value about eating clean and concerned about what comes on to their plates. As eating the real food is an ultimate need for a healthy wellbeing.