Punarnava started with a thought and observation where the urban way of living has sucked up few real core luxuries of life like conscious living and conscious eating. The thought leads us to create an access to the urbanites to get connected to the real essence of life. As we believe that the nature of our existence is to live in harmony with the Earth.

We strongly wanted to interrupt our existing pattern of living and instigate a sustainable change by integrating at least a part of our lives by staying close to nature.

We envision on working towards creating a futuristic way of living patterns and aspire to bring various dimensions of engagement with nature by aligning ourselves with the ideas of Permaculture, sustainable living, regenerative farming and conscious lifestyle elements like Yoga, clean eating, wellness and eco-tourism by not compromising on the luxury. We thrive to expand on to the limitless possibilities, to create a transcendental community & beyond with a holistic perspective.



This concept Is a way of life and an immediate attention is required for a better future. Permaculture is medium to create food forests. It is a methodology which helps in rewilding the biodiversity by giving back both to the earth and humans.

Eco tourism

Recreation is another core element. There are various possibilities of recreation in an urban way of living. But we feel that there is one important aspect missing which is recreation with nature, we want people to engage and resonate with nature. we want them to do camping, hiking, hence we are creating a space in the lap of nature where you can recreate , relive and rejuvenate yourself at every leisure , As we believe nature is a healing element in humans life. Ultimately our motto is to create some luxury and provide you with an incredible vacation experience in the woods by leaving less impact on the environment.

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is a priority and the most important factor as we are evolving. It is an immediate requirement for the current situations the world is going through. We are working to create integrations to help us sustain the places in a better way by not sucking up the resources around. we shall be equipping ourselves by using sustainable approaches wherever possible and methods for creating comforts. Renewable and clean energy, conscious utilization of natural resources etc.

Clean Farming

We believe it is essential for us to know about what we are eating and how we are living. Farming has been a heritage of human beings all over the world…our roots have emerged from there. Unfortunately, a lot of people around the world are busy in chasing their own things and sadly got disconnected to this art, hence we have decided to build a bridge for aspirants to get there. Food is our basic important necessity of and for life. Adulteration and non-natural ways of growing food has become an integral part of the farming systems, which is a direct effect on humanity and our further generations. we strongly believe that it is a top priority for every individual to know the past of how the food you are eating got on your table.