Punarnava is an amalgamation of various aspects of conscious living. We curate eco-conscious spaces and lifestyle dimensions for high spirited individuals who embrace sustainable living by not harming the biodiversity.

Earth First Policy

Our endeavour is to converge various exotic elements to design ecosystems which keeps giving back to its investors and build a regenerative relationship with earth.  Few of our core motives include,
  • Ecological farming with healthy food growing practices by engaging in natural farming contrary to the modern-day chemical farming which is harming both the earth and humans.
  • Creating a biodiversity in harmony with the community spaces. Enhancing the dimensions of sustainability by using modern techniques for a low carbon footprint.
  • To integrate ecological, economic, social, and cultural diversity. By aligning all these areas in to one entity.
  • To Explore the areas of Ayurveda and wellness.
  • Create ecotourism concepts to engage one’s recreational space with nature.
Our Commitment
We envision on working towards creating a mindful lifestyle community by regenerating nature and rejuvenating our lifestyle. All the places we create have a nature conservation or restoration theme to it. The eco habitats are going to be built with a conscious approach. We rigorously work around implementing techniques to build the required facilitations by trying to use more natural and sustainable materials wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint. We are here to create a bridge for the urbanization to get in connect with nature by experiencing the benefits it offers.




Sustainable Living

Clean Farming

Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle

Manifesting Spaces that drive change

Projecting the year ahead

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Carbon Offset
TREES Planted
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Produce Harvested

Building regenerative relationships with Earth